Living gluten free is a journey…

Living gluten free is a journey, not a destination. Living gluten free is a daily event filled with many choices. Living gluten free requires planning and patience and a willingness to see the world in a different light.

Back in 2005, when I first learned of my gluten intolerance, I had so many questions. How did I get all this gluten in my diet in the first place? What can’t I eat anymore that contains gluten? But more important, what can I eat that does not contain gluten? That turned out to be the most important question of all! One day my younger son said to me “Mom, there is so much you can’t eat.” My response to him was “But there is so much I CAN!

Becoming gluten free has helped me to be more open-minded about food. Not just American food, but food from other countries as well. Not everyone in the world fills their day with wheat products… they eat many other grains and starches that are interesting and nutritious. I wanted to learn all about them. I also wanted to become friends again with fresh fruits and vegetables. Natural and delicious, already packaged by nature.

Becoming gluten free has actually been a blessing. It has helped me to become a better cook for myself and my family. I learned quickly that it is better to prepare meals from fresh ingredients than to rely on what comes out of a can, pouch, box or drive-thru window. How else can I be sure that what I am eating does not contain something that will make me sick? Yes, it can be tricky at times to prepare a meal that everyone in the family can enjoy, but the effort is worth it!

Becoming gluten free has also forced me to be more organized and deliberate in my meal planning and food preparation. This is tough for many of us to fit into our busy lives. But I have found that if I don’t prepare ahead of time for meals and snacks, then the chances increase that I will eat something that will make me sick. As part of becoming organized, I started writing down my gluten free “kitchen experiments” that I wanted to remember for one reason or another. Either I wanted to be able to repeat my successes, or improve on something, or altogether never try that again!

I also wanted an easy, digital way to access my recipes from the kitchen on my iPhone. So I started posting recipes on Facebook, and eventually learned that many of my friends were either gluten free, thinking about becoming gluten free, or had friends or family who were gluten free, and they were sharing my recipes. It was then I realized I actually had something to share with others that could be helpful to them in some way.

So the next step in my gluten free journey is this weblog. I hope the recipes and information you find on this website are helpful to your and your family! (And please be patient with me – adding recipes and information to the blog is also a journey!)

Cheers!  And happy cooking!

PJ Buckovich

August 9, 2012

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